About Teddy B’s Popcorn

Teddy B’s Popcorn

Warm is Fresh - Daily is the Best

Savor the fresh flavors and classic aroma of a snack that dates back to the 16th century. From its origin in Aztec Indian ceremonies to its stability even during the great depression, popcorn has stood the test of time.

Today, a good batch evokes memories of childhood, date nights, and the holidays. Enjoy timeless tastes or new flavors made with passion at Teddy B’s Popcorn.

Check back regularly to see our "Special Bear" flavor, changed periodically.


Teddy B’s Popcorn promises gourmet freshness, quality taste, and natural ingredients delivered to you as a delicious treat.

Experience Our Popcorn and Meet Teddy B!

Visit our vibrantly decorated upper Midwest stores to pick up freshly popped popcorn, one of our signature Teddy B’s teddy bears, and other fun themed gifts.

Sold by the bag or in the “Bear Can,” our coconut oil popped popcorn is delivered warm and delicious in five different flavors along with monthly special flavors.