Explore Flavors

  1. Bear Mix
    Select your flavor, your size, and your tin below and enjoy! It's that easy!

  2. Cheesy Bear
    Our real sharp cheddar cheese recipe is like liquid gold! Containing NO powders or added salt, you’ll swear you’re eating the real thing – and you’ll be right!

  3. Honey Bear
    Made with real caramel, we add a touch of pure honey to satisfy even the most sophisticated sweet tooth.

  4. Butter Bear
    Movie theater popcorn – right in your own living room! We add a dash of butter salt and top with REAL butter for that authentic movie night taste.

  5. Sugar Bear
    Teddy B’s version of kettle corn provides the perfect balance of salt and sweet.

  6. Healthy Bear
    Popped only in coconut oil with NOTHING added. The perfect guilt-free snack!